If there’s anything I learned from the movie Rambo, it’s that if you want to be a chiseled badass, then you have to have a fixed blade knife.  That whole franchise would have been ruined if he hadn’t had that fixed blade monster he carried around.  While we may not need something that big, a good fixed blade knife is a key piece of gear for anyone.  Keep reading to see our thoughts on the Benchmade Nimravus.  

This knife and I go a ways back, in fact, I was given it when I arrived in Afghanistan in 2012.  The unit we replaced ordered them, and wouldn’t you know it, they didn’t arrive until we relieved them.  In this case their loss is our gain, because the Benchmade Nimravus is a sweet knife.

I really like Benchmade, and I own several of their blades, but this is the only fixed blade knife I own from them.  Without further adieu, let’s get into the details of the knife.

Benchmade Nimravus: The knife Rambo should have carried

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