After 2000 rounds through the Beretta PX4 Storm, I feel that I have enough information to share what I think about its performance and what you can expect from it. I consider the PX4 to be a terrific evolution of the Beretta line of Duty-ready pistols. It feels well made, solid, and has been very easy for me to shoot. The PX4 Storm design seems to answer most of the issues Beretta faced with selling the 92 series. I think this Beretta deserves some serious consideration from those looking for all the qualities that it offers. This one is in 9mm and I had a blast testing all different types of ammo and various ammo loadings to see how this platform handles the recoil. I must say that this platform definitely will surprise you and make it obvious why Law Enforcement agencies around the world are starting to seriously consider this pistol as their standard duty pistol.

For all specifications and information on the PX4, I will refer you to Beretta.

by David Donchess

David Served in the USMC, deployed twice and got wounded. Retired and moved to Alaska. Has a passion for reviewing and testing guns and gear of all kinds. Enjoys working to dispel myths and show that you can train and practice in a realistic, safe, and practical way.