The Urban Patrol by Bering Optics is a new lightweight, compact, affordable option for those wanting to get into night vision products.

Magnification: 1.0x (2.0x digital zoom)

Sensor type and resolution: 1.5″ CMOS 640×480

LCD type and resolution: Color LCD 320×240

Video storage: Micro SD card or Micro USB output

Urban Scout SD Card Slot and USB Port
Urban Patrol SD card slot and USB port

Overall dimensions: 5.28″ x 3.62″ x 1.85″

Urban Scout Compact Size
Urban Patrol’s compact size

Power source: 6v (4AA batteries)

Urban Scout Power Source
Urban Patrol’s power source

Battery life: Battery runtime up to five hours of continuous use.

Weight: 8.82 ounces

MSRP: $179! Can be purchased from their online dealer, B&H Photo.

Unique features: Built-in Micro SD slot allows you to use a Micro SD card to record full-color video. It comes equipped with an IR illuminator to allow operations in complete darkness. Check out the Urban Patrol Simulator online to get a feel for what the color imaging looks like with and without the IR illuminator.

Application: Low light/night surveillance.

Pros: Compact, lightweight, digital zoom, full-color image, uses a commonly sized and available power source (AA batteries).

Cons: Does not have an option to mount to a helmet or head harness.

Bottom line/overall performance:  I have an old pair of ANPVS-7B night vision goggles from the mid 1990s; they have the typical green-tint image that you most commonly see with night vision, and if you were to purchase them today, they would cost thousands of dollars. What Bering Optics has done is bring you a full-color image instead of the green tint and brought the cost down to what most people can afford!

Whether you are law enforcement or just a prepared citizen, the Urban Patrol will give you the edge when it comes to operating in the dark. What’s included when you purchase the Urban Patrol? The unit itself, a micro SD card, AV cable for TV out, USB cable, a protective carrying case, neck strap, and a user manual.

Urban Scout Package Contents
Urban Patrol package contents
Urban Scout Carrying Case
Urban Patrol carrying case

Featured image courtesy of Bering Optics