Bersa is perhaps best-known for their Thunder 380 series.  What hasn’t been so-well known in the US is their other offerings in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.  The single-stack BP9CC is one of my personal carry guns, though the trigger is so superb I recommend it only for the well-trained.  At SHOT show 2018 Bersa and Eagle Imports revealed their newest offerings in the double-stack field including the TPR9C.

What peaked my interest in the BP9C are the features packed into such a small handgun.  Generally we have to sacrifice features to get a small package.  That is not true with the BP9C.  More capacity and controls than most other offerings, and the joy of a hammer-fired DA/SA trigger set the TRP9C apart.  While ultra-light handguns have been en vogue, the Bersa has an alloy frame.  As a frequent shooter I’m looking forward to that.  Alloy frames are only a touch heavier to carry, yet tend to offer better balance in the hand and at the range.  See the video below to get a better feel for the new gun.

This new pistol will of course be put through its paces on the range.  We’ll test a variety of loads from 65gr up to 165gr for reliability and as always shoot a quick group with Nosler 115gr Match to see how it performs accuracy-wise.

Do you carry a double-stack?  Let us know in the comments below how the TPR9C “stacks” up against your carry choice.  Is 13+1 the Goldilocks size for those of us with larger hands?

For those wanting to know the gun by the numbers, the specs below were taken directly from the product page by Eagle Imports.

Caliber 9 MM
Action DA/SA
Capacity 13+1, 10+1
Barrel Length 3.25″
Front Sight Interchangeable Sig Sauer Type
Rear Sight Interchangeable Sig Sauer Type
Finishes Matte Black
Grips Textured Black Polymer
Construction Alloy Frame / Steel Slide
Safety Integral Locking System, Manual, Firing Pin
Weight 23.0000
Length 6.5″
Height 4.75″
Width 1.45″