I spent the last week at Disney World in Orlando, FL and… since I’m me… the trip afforded the opportunity to pause and reflect on what would be the best bag to take on an amusement park vacation.  First off, some background.  I’ve had plenty of park experience from which to pull from.  This was my third trip to Disney World.  I’ve also been to Disneyland in California four times.  I’ve also visited several Six Flag Parks, Universal (Hollywood and Orlando), Seaworld (Orlando and San Diego), Hershey Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, Silver Dollar City, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and a few others.  Some as a child but most as an adult with and without kids.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding what to take to any of these parks.


First and foremost, check the park’s policies on their website.  Most have limitations on what you can carry in.  For instance, Six Flags does not allow any food or drink.  Some allow “loose articles” on their attractions and some don’t.  Disney allows bags on their rides at all of their parks and in some cases provide small storage bins to stow them.  On other end of the spectrum, Six Flags requires that loose articles be left with non-riders or in provided storage lockers.  They charge a fee and it adds up throughout the day.  Universal enforces a mandatory locker system at its big thrill rides but the lockers (approx. 9.5” wide x 11.5” high x 17” deep) are free for the amount of time that it takes to get through the standby line plus a 15-minute cushion.  The park also has all-day lockers that charge a one-time fee with unlimited access.

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Photo courtesy of Disney World Orlando Florida