The Mora knife is a kind of sheath knife that has a small size and a fixed blade. It is often attached to the belt for easy access. Because the Mora knives are often made of very tough components, it’s powerful regardless of the size. The knife can fulfill most tasks, from preparing food or carving. Some models which are refined with solid carbon steel can handle heavier duties such as batoning or cutting wood. Nowadays, the Mora knife is the most common tactical hand tool.

Originally used by Finnish, the Mora knives are now mostly produced by a Swedish brand, the Morakniv. The Morakniv knives, often made of its signature 12C27 stainless steel, are the best Mora knives in the world. It also produces heavy duty models using tough triflex or carbon steel. So, don’t be so surprised if over a half of our reviewed products will be from the Morakniv.

But before actual judging, we hope you know what a good Mora knife looks like. It is kind of a tactical, self-defense and survival knife. It’s often used when you are in the wild, camping or hiking. So, it has different requirements from the normal knife we use in our kitchen.

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