Beyond Wood Products (BWP) is introducing a new series into their ShokRes handle material product line. Called All City, the company is collaborating with graffiti artists to bring a new look into their lineup of resin-based handle materials.

According to Tom Stone, Founder of BWP, the company’s urethane resins offer high tensile strength in addition to striking looks. “It can be cut paper thin, and bent back and forth, and it still doesn’t break.” Bone and wood, in particular, are prone to shrinkage or warping due to temperature changes. BWP subjects new mixes to a variety of torture tests including extreme temperature changes to ensure longevity. The reliability makes BWP products appealing to knife makers looking to make their knives – especially fixed blades – stand out from ones with G-10, traditional hardwoods, and bone. “It’s unacceptable for any material we work with not to last for a long time,” Stone says.

In the knife world, BWP might be best known for their ShokWood material, a combination of wood and resin. But it is in the all-resin ShokRes line that you’ll find BWP at its most experimental. The All City project sees them pushing the envelope in new ways. Stone is excited to bring authentic street art style into his catalog. “It could put graffiti in front of people who don’t normally see it and put the whole art style in a new light,” he explains. The first All City collaboration partner is Chems, a graffiti artist local to BWP’s Fenton, Missouri headquarters, but Stone says that more will follow. “Our goal is to have graffiti artists work with us and select new colorways based off their work.”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News