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BIA Cain Lightweight – Like Shooting Next to Nuthin’ 

Mad Duo

Although Brothers In Arms is mostly known for their Cerakote work, they are also a firearms and suppressor distributor. Recently they quietly released their own “signature” BIA rifle, specced out to…well, their specs. While they do not manufacture any of it in-house, they have taken great pains to ensure it is as light, ergonomic, and functional a rifle as can be — which is why it came to our attention while looking for firearms suitable for younger minions who might have trouble manipulating something more beastly.

They call it the Cain Lightweight; it’s currently the only model they have approved by the BATFE, but other variants are likely coming.

BIA Cain Lightweight – Like Shooting Next to Nuthin’

Here’s a quick rundown of that rifle.

The heart of any rifle, of course, is the barrel. They’ve chosen a Rainier Arms lightweight match barrel with Rainier Arms match gas block. The barrel is chambered in .223 Wylde with an intermediate gas port and a 1:8 twist to accommodate a wide range of bullet weights.

The handguard is a 15″ SLR Helix in M-LOK. It’s aluminum, and one of the lightest handguards on the market. On the ass end is a Minimalist stock to help keep weight down.

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