(Article courtesy of Tactical Life)

Other than the badge, possibly the most obvious symbol of authority carried by a law enforcement officer is his or her duty pistol. Every call a police officer responds to has the potential to turn into a life-or-death fight. The duty gun can be the one thing that protects an innocent life or ensures the officer will return home to his or her family at the end of the shift.

Political and fiduciary realities have a large influence on the selection of a police officer’s handgun. Many, if not most, agencies now issue service weapons, putting the burden of the gun’s cost on the agency. Consequently, the cost of the gun will likely be a significant factor in the selection process.

Most important—though sometimes considered only after cost—is the reliability of the firearm. Other points of serious consideration should include the ease of use and how well the gun fits in the hands of the officers expected to employ it. If the gun isn’t reliable or its size prohibits some officers from effectively using it under stress, it isn’t a bargain, no matter the price.

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