“I like to throw a left hook when everyone is expecting a right,” custom bike and gun guru Jesse James tells us. James recently announced that he is breaking into the knife world under the Jesse James Knife Company (JJKC) brand. His flagship model, the NOMAD Fixed Break knife, rejuvenates an old-school folding blade format with American muscle. According to James, the design will lead a string of releases as JJKC jumps right into the fray of high-end production knives.

James and his team aimed for a unique look with the NOMAD.  To get the creativity flowing, he turned to a favorite piece in his personal knife collection. A Schrade knife from the 80s, the model 6042, laid the blueprint for James’ striking folder. “Back then they called it a ‘swing knife,’” he says. “It had a dagger style blade on it, and it was much lighter-duty.”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News