Firearm safety is a fundamental thing we should talk about whenever firearms are around. It can get boring if we do this by saying the same words over and over in a mantra of protection.

  • Rule One: All guns are always loaded.
  • Rule Two: Never let the muzzle cover anything which you are not willing to destroy.
  • Rule Three: Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  • Rule Four: Always be sure of your target.

Change can make things more interesting in this vital area. The guys at Griffon Industries take your safety very seriously. They pulled out all the stops for the production budget to present the rules for firearm safety in a different way, both informative and focused: lingerie.

Often, we spend more time championing the right to bear arms than discussing the responsibilities of the armed citizen.  Safety is at the top of the list of those responsibilities.

About Griffon Industries in their own words:

Driven by engineering and inspired by design, Griffon Industries builds modern firearm accessories combining form and function.

Our philosophy is that “good enough” is never good enough. We are a collective effort who work closely with field experts throughout concepting, testing and manufacturing. We are strong believers in designing from the dirt and not from the desks.

Our products are built tough using modern machinery and tightly controlled tolerances. We stand behind all our products and support our customers far beyond just the purchase. Our products are made to be pushed to the limit.

All products are proudly made in the USA.


*Photo courtesy of Griffon Industries Youtube channel