Water bottles have become a daily sidekick for people on the go. Wether you’re headed to a morning workout, the office or a hike in the woods, most likely, a water bottle will be a necessary item. With so many high quality water bottles available, it becomes difficult to differentiate the choices. A quick search on the Loadout Room will find several reviews of such items. Most do a great job of containing and maintaining a cold or hot beverage. Bindle on the other hand, decided to add a little something extra. A 450cc dry storage compartment located in the bottom of the vessel.

The word “bindle” describes a bag, blanket or cloth tied to the end of a stick. A common contraption used by many train hoppers of decades past to carry their essential belongings. The once iconic shoulder fixture has since fallen into obscurity. But people still need a place to store their everyday items. So we decided to bring the “Bindle” back. ~ bindlebottle.com

Bindle Bottle
Hiking / Workout / Beach

Double walled, vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel is utilized to keep your beverage either hot or cold. With 24 ounces of capacity, the Bindle bottle holds enough water for most short term activities. Longer hikes will require a refill as necessary. But for the gym or a day at the beach, it’s perfect. No more lost keys or worrying about misplacing a wallet. These everyday items will easily fit securely in the 450cc waterproof compartment.

Bindle Bottle
image courtesy of bindlebottle.com

Basic survival items can be stashed in the compartment for a day hike. As well as a small bite to eat like a power bar. An emergency blanket, water purification tablets and a small first aid kit have all accompanied me while camping. While paddling, I’d suggest a signal mirror, fire starter, water purification tablets and an emergency blanket. Enough to get you through that first night should you capsize and swim to shore. While at the gym, you can stash your keys, wallet or ID, small knife and a recovery packet like these from Tailwind.

Bindle offers five colors as well as four different bottle top options. From a loop lid like the one in the pictures. To coffee lids with or without loops. And even a straw lid. Bindle has you covered for whatever your activity. Stay hydrated and stay organized with Bindle.