The Bird of Prey compensator has a radically new triangular design. Unlike most muzzle brakes that are cut on a CNC lathe, the Bird of Prey is assembled from a stack of plates produced on a CNC mill, and then stacked and bolted together. This allows for the outgoing gases to interact with a much larger surface area—directing the gas up and away from the shooter.

The Bird of Prey was designed by Daniel Jaquish. During his time as a gunsmith, Daniel installed thousands of muzzle devices and became very familiar with conventional compensator designs. Almost everything on the market is a simple cylinder with holes drilled or milled in it. After numerous prototypes and tens of thousands of rounds of testing, Daniel built the triangular Bird of Prey.

Pushing gas up at 60 degrees on the sides and straight down, the Bird of Prey virtually eliminates muzzle rise. Gas hitting the front of the compensator  greatly reduces recoil. The surprising thing is the lack of muzzle blast and concussion. The numerous small ports on the three sides divert the gases and disrupts the blast wave.

Bird of Prey recommends that the compensator be installed by a certified gunsmith or armorer familiar with installing muzzle devices. The compensator comes with a set of shims that make installation a snap. The Bird of Prey orientation is described in the directions for maximum effectiveness. A specific ‘point’ is facing up, with a closed section on the bottom.

I installed one and found the instructions simple, and the provided shim kit effective. Shooting with the Bird of Prey mounted, I found that the manufacturer’s claims were not exaggerated. The side blast is directed up, away from the shooter and bystanders. There is no perceptible muzzle rise even during rapid fire. Recoil is noticeably reduced.

I really like this compensator for three-gun applications. Side blast usually reflects off of barricades and props to disrupt the shooter during multiple-target stages. This is just not a problem with the Bird of Prey.


Material: Case-hardened American-made steel

Finish: Black oxide

Weight: 5.1 oz

Height: 1.25”

Length: 1.85”

Width: 1.25” (equilateral triangle)

Thread size: 1/2×28

Calibers available: .223 Rem/ 5.56mm NATO, .204 Ruger

Get your Bird of Prey Compensator for $124.95 here.