Black Scout Survival’s entry into tactical pens is a solidly built writing utensil with a focused tactical utility while keeping it surprisingly affordable.

Black Scout Survival™ is a lifestyle- a mindset. To be prepared for any situation no matter the environment. Black denotes the covert and “grey” aspect of our lifestyle. SCOUT is an acronym encompassing our ideology (Survival Concepts in Outdoor and Urban Terrain). A Scout is always at the forefront. They are the intrepid. The Inventive. The determined and stalwartly proud.’   -Black Scout Survival

Almost anything can be tactically utilized, including a regular old pen. But in recent years, the market has been blowing up with tactical specific pens. Other than the ability to merely write, they have defense and tool capabilities that are design intended.

As any good tactical pen should be, the BSS TAC Pen serves equally well as a writing and striking device.

For the purpose of this review, I’ve made direct and sole comparisons to the Tuff-Writer Operator Pen.

I’ve equipped the Operator Pen for over 2 years and across 20 countries with plenty of writing but thankfully never needing its tactical function. This and the Black Scout Survival Tactical Pen are both capped, aluminum bodied refillable pens. But the Operator Pen costs $99 whereas the BSS TAC Pen is $23.

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