My standard method of carrying a handgun goes from an OWB kydex holster to a cargo pocket holster depending on what part of the day I’m in. I’ve never cared for IWB, and when I first tried it I found it quite uncomfortable for anything bigger than a J frame. That’s why when Black Storm Defense reached out and offered an evaluation model I requested it to be made for the biggest gun I owned, the CZ P09. The PO9 is a full sized gun that holds 21 rounds of 9mm and makes the standard CZ 75 look slim.

Black Storm Defense Signature Holster | A First Look

My logic being that any holster can carry a Ruger LCR comfortably. However, carrying a PO9 comfortably IWB would be a real challenge. Especially if the reviewer already has a dislike of IWB holsters. Black Storm Defense listed the PO9 as an option, but due to a mistake, they didn’t actually make a holster for the PO9. I say ‘didn’t’ because the owner reached out and explained the situation, and then immediately said he’d fix it. He ordered a PO9 mold just to make this holster for me.

Back in Black

The Black Storm Defense Signature IWB holster is a hybrid style holster that uses a leather backing and a kydex shell. The kydex is .08 inches thick and fits over the weapon well. The leather is nice and thick, and very stiff at first. Like a good pair of boots, it will break in and soften with use. The mounting gear is all metal, including the clips.

Black Storm Defense Signature Holster | A First Look
.08 Kydex in all it’s Glory

The clips are adjustable and can be mounted high to position the holster lower if desired. The holster is tuckable, I’ve been carrying IWB with a tucked shirt for the last three days now. It is definitely a new experience.  Overall it does feel surprisingly comfortable.

Black Storm Defense Signature Holster | A First Look
Just trying to Break it in

Wearing the Black Storm Defense.

My biggest issue is that it has to be placed very specifically in a proper location to conceal. The large nature of the PO9 will make it print if not properly placed. I did underestimate my pant size situation as well and need to go up a few inches for maximum comfort.

Black Storm Defense Signature Holster | A First Look
Notice the extra hole for height adjustment.

The metal clips do not move or shift once in place. This is important, especially with a weapon that has to be carried just so. The holster feels and looks very well made. This is another change to my daily EDC that I’m learning to live with. Before I do a full review I need to carry it for a good amount of time, and I need to train with it. I do look forward to giving you guys a full on review. Black Storm Defense makes the Signature model for a wide variety of different guns, check them out here.