Black Talon ammunition was created by Winchester in 1991. It’s a handgun round that took on a mythology of its own. Winchester stopped producing the Black Talon round in 2000, and that kind of fed into its mythology and mystique. You may have heard that it was produced with a Teflon coating but in all actuality, it was a special round coating focused on preserving barrel life. No, Black Talon rounds are not armor piercing. They are just arguably the most aggressive and most lethal hollow point round ever designed due to the sharp petals that expand when it makes contact with flesh.

Black Talon - The round still used by the Unknown

The most interesting thing about Black Talon rounds is that they are still used today by ######. Yeah, we cannot divulge that information publically. Yes, all of this may be classified but they are still out there being used by those who wear no uniforms and those who blend into populations overseas working #### # ##########. No, I’m not talking about a 3 letter agency either. Think a little bit harder/smarter.


*Editors note: The source has chosen to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of their ‘work’.

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