The Blackhawk Escape/Evasion Pouch is a uniquely designed to carry any and all E&E kit. It can be worn vertically high or low and horizontally on the belt.

Blackhawk Escape/Evasion Pouch

This pouch is ideal for the minimalist hiker. With this pouch you can carry an emergency shelter, a few fire starting implements, a compass, a power bar, first aid, and other survival items. This combined with a water bottle clipped to your side is more than enough to sustain you for a day hike or even an emergency overnight stay in the field.

Blackhawk Escape/Evasion Pouch

I have my E&E pouch setup only with necessary items to keep me alive.

Blackhawk Escape/Evasion Pouch

The single most important things you’ll need in an E&E or survival situation is to control your core temperature. If you don’t, you die. there are three components I carry in my E&E pouch for that.

  1. 55 gallon drum liner and SOL Heatsheets blanket – These will keep me protected from the elements.
  2. Small fire kit – This will allow me to make a fire to keep warm if the situation dictates.
  3. Water filter straw – In the event that you can’t boil water, at least you can use this to get some needed hydration.
  4. The other items I keep are a small Princeton Tech light, a compass, trauma bandage, and my trusty SOG Mini Vulcan.

These are hard to come by so when you find one your best bet is to go ahead and buy it. It’s a very versatile piece of kit.

So far the only reputable place I’ve found it available at is BTI Tactical.


  • Made of 1000D Nylon
  • Vertical/below belt position allows you to gain additional space on your 1st line gear system or pistol belt load bearing system
  • Has 2 compartments which are secured by #9 YKK zippers and pulls
  • All inside edges are bound and have internal keeper elastic straps
  • DIMENSIONS: 5.00″ x 3.00″ x 7.50″