The Go Box 50 Ammo Bag by BLACKHAWK! is a great alternative to the classic 50 caliber ammo cans. Don’t get me wrong, the old school ammo cans have their place (I have several of them). The ammo bag is a unique design and works really well. I’ve only had the bag for a short period of time. I’ve taken it to my local range a few times just to get a feel for it and really like it. I used this bag during a 2-day pistol course instead of using the traditional ammo can, and found it to be just as functional if not more. The following video will give you a good look at the design and capacity of the bag.


Features (courtesy of

• Same volume as a single .50 cal ammo can (22GB02)
• Roll-up/down lid for easy access and secure transport
• Full wraparound carry handles for superior weight support
• Heavy-duty D-rings for shoulder strap attachment
• External utility pouch for mag loaders or other small items
• Loop patch to attach content identifiers