I recently finished reading The Terminal List and was extremely impressed with not only the storyline, but the list of weapons and gear used by the character, James Reece. As I was reading through the book, I was taking note of the guns and gear used. Most of it was stuff I’ve either personally used or have at least heard about. The one piece of gear that I was not familiar with was the Mini WING holster made by BlackPoint Tactical.

Here is an excerpt from the book highlighting the BlackPoint Tactical holster:

Before leaving his bedroom he opened the drawer of his nightstand and picked up his Glock 19 handgun. He used his left hand to pull the slide back just enough to confirm that there was still a round in the chamber, a technique called a ‘press-check’. It was loaded with sixteen rounds of 77-grain ammo from DoubleTap. The solid copper hollow-points were designed to work at near rifle velocities and would do extensive damage while minimizing the risk of over penetration. He secured the Glock into a BlackPoint Tactical mini-wing inside the waistband holster and slipped the holstered handgun between his boxers and jeans.

I looked up the BlackPoint Tactical website and low and behold there was the Mini WING holster referenced in the book…sweet! I got ahold of them and was able to have one made for my Glock 26.

Out of the box, you’ll notice the minimalist profile and just how lightweight this holster is. Other IWB holsters that I have used, I have typically worn around the 1 o’clock position. Due to the design of the Mini WING, I’m able to shift the holster right to the 2 o’clock position and remain comfortable all day. Carrying my Glock 26 in this holster at the 2 o’clock position keeps the Glock virtually undetectable to the average passerby. To a trained eye, you might be able to pick it up, but you’ll need to really be looking hard to see any printing of the gun and/or holster.

From BlackPoint Tactical:

The Mini WING™ retains the popular KYDEX® and leather combination of the Leather WING™, however, this holster is built as a dedicated IWB holster. Designed to be minimalistic, the Mini WING™ uses as little material as possible, without sacrificing performance or durability. Dedicated to maintaining a thin profile, the Mini WING™ allows for deep concealment matched with ultimate comfort.

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