I’ve been using the BlackPoint Tactical Custom Holster for my Sig Sauer P226 for a couple of weeks. It is a superb holster, comfortable, concealable and functional. It has a very standard appearance for a Kydex holster, black and sleek. Coming out of the box it doesn’t have the flashiness of some of the trendier brands. The performance; however, is exceptional. From the first time I slipped my Sig into this custom rig to when I ran some drills from the holster, at the range, the holster has blown away my expectations.

BlackPoint Tactical is truly a unique brand in that they offer fully customizable holsters without marking up the holster for every modification. With my P226 I let my German ancestry get away from me a little bit, with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro reflex sight, an EFK Dragon Ported 357 Sig Barrel, a touched up trigger and action by The Sig Armorer and a couple of other mods that I’ve done in the life of the gun. The Black Point Tactical OWB Holster had absolutely no problems. While ordering; I selected suppressor height sights, an RDS cut and the Barrel Pass-through options. With the cuts already made in the holster, my gun slipped in just like it should, with that made just for that gun feeling. If that wasn’t enough for customization it has a simple screw-based tension system, giving the holster adjustable retention.

On top of which you can customize the color, the loop type, cant and even add additional loop types. The additional loops really peaked my interest. While using this holster I considered how good of an inside the waistband holster it could be… My personal conjecture is that it would be an excellent IWB holster and all you would have to do is buy the IWB clips and make a couple screw turns.

With all that said, if you are in the market for an affordable custom holster, I’d highly recommend taking a look at BlackPoint Tactical. Without any add-ons, it will run you $80 dollars. A suggestion from the author before you go… if you are going to conceal carry with this holster, don’t get a full frame pistol with an RMR and extended magazine.

John Gobby is a member of 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. He has served with them for eight years and seven combat deployments. He has experience with both tactical direct action, tactical reconnaissance and covert operations. Recently he has started participating in competition pistol shoots and has a passion for long range shooting.