The Victorinox Birds Beak knives have become quite popular as a low-cost throw away knife for personal defense. The only issue was a sheath. Obviously the knives were not made with personal defense in mind, but rather as a shaping knife for the home chef.

At first many were making what was called a ‘hobo sheath’ from empty plastic water bottles. The hobo sheaths got the job done in a pinch, but were far from being a permanent sheath solution for these bird beak knives.

Blade Rigs Sheath | Victorinox Birds Beak Knife

Once again Blade Rigs has provided a solution to this problem. They have designed and produced a kydex sheath for the Victorinox Birds Beak knives. The sheath offers two methods of deployment.

Here is how the Blade Rigs website describes these new sheaths.

Fold-over “taco” style sheath for pocket carry of popular, inexpensive, fixed blade knives. Sheath has a built in “deployment hook” for drawing the blade from a pocket & will also include a static line for IWB carry. Specify following in order comments: Black, storm grey or coyote kydex Brass or black eyelet Black, coyote, OD green or yellow static cord These are made to order & will ship in approximately one week.

The sheaths only retail for $24.99, but you’ll also notice that the sheath is considerably more expensive than the knife. Some may have an issue with this, but I will offer you this piece of advise. Buy one sheath and several of the knives and you’re set for a long time. If you’re traveling, just throw the sheath in your bag and purchase the knife once you arrive at your destination; that’s the beauty of these low-cost throw away knives.

The Victorinox Birds Beak knives can be purchased on Amazon for around $15.