Those that follow me know I like the sheaths that Blade Rigs offers. I was first introduced to Blade Rigs by way of Kyle Defoor. The one thing that almost all knife manufacturers miss the mark on is the sheath, especially for concealed fixed blades. Blade Rigs has filled that void with a superior design. I have previously written a few articles on the Blade Rigs products.

There are a few criteria that are mandatory (in my honest opinion) when carrying a concealed fixed blade and Blade Rigs has remedied those.

Ambidextrous – Being able to sheath your knife in either orientation is critical when working in low-light or complete darkness. That last thing you want to worry about is trying to make sure you are sheathing the knife in the correct orientation. By having an ambi sheath you allow yourself to remain aware of your surroundings and have the ability of sheathing the knife quicker. The ambi sheath also gives you the option of adjusting the carry position of the knife for concealment.

Blade Rigs Sheaths | Colonel LowVz Blade

Clothing Clip – There are a few really good IWB clips that are used on knife sheaths as long as you are wearing a belt. But what if you are wearing gym shorts, running shorts, board shorts or sweat pants? Then you’re screwed. The sheath will never stay secured to the waist of your pants or shorts if you ever have to draw it. The clip that Blade Rigs uses allows you to clip the knife directly to your waistline without the need of a belt. I now can carry my knife while trail running, working out or at the beach.

Blade Rigs Sheaths | Colonel LowVz Blade

I recently received an updated sheath for my Colonel LowVz concealed knife. The original sheath it came with was well designed, comfortable to wear and concealed well, but lacked a few features.

The new Blade Rigs sheath for the Colonel blade gives me those additional features (mentioned above) not found on the stock sheath.

You can read my review of the Colonel LowVz knife HERE.