I’m in the airport at LAX having just finished my 11th Direct Action Group ( http://dag-usa.com/) Combat Arts Symposium (CAS).  It’s always a great experience with Max Joseph and his cadre of experienced Instructors. I first trained with Max in 1998 taking his Tac Pistol I & II and have used what I learned then ever since in relation to my pistol handling. In 2007 I started attending the CAS and have been back every year except last year when business travels kept me away. I have always run pretty slick on gear and first started using a Blade-Tech combo set of holster and mag pouch for my Glock 19.

As time passed I use a few different setups but this year decided to go back to basics and purchased a Blade-Tech Revolution Combo Pack for my Glock 19.  The Revolution Combo Pack comes with a holster that can be attached by either belt loops or an attachable paddle, belt attached mag pouch, and a yellow training barrel. Price is around $30.00 from various outlets. This is a great package for someone new to handguns or someone looking for a set up for a handgun class. The holster and mag pouch are made from injection molded polymer and will hold up to years of use and abuse, I still have and use my original combo set up.


The past three days I did hundreds of draws and reholsters without a hitch or problem from the gear.  Draws and reholstering was smooth and issue free. The pistol and magazines are held snugly but come out without a problem and stayed in during the active portions of the training which included running, assuming kneeling positions, and personnel down drills. I think that this combo is a good bang for the buck especially for someone looking to attend their first training classes. It’s always mindset and training over gear that wins the fight.

Author – Art Dorst served in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserves and eventually retired as an NCO from The Army National Guard.  He is also a retired municipal Police Officer, a Certified EMT, NRA Instructor, and is currently a security provider/trainer.