The Blauer Silent Partner Bag is their when you need it.  It’s a seat organizer, a backpack, a duty belt storage system, a plate carrier, a lunch bag, it’s an everything bag! 
Blauer has designed the Silent Partner Bag to be right beside you, ready when you need it.  You can easily carry your gear from the office to your chariot in the backpack configuration, lower it from your back with the strong top mounted carry handle and secure it to your passenger seat headrest as it folds out to its full-size.
BLAUER Silent Partner Bag with BLAUER GIN Bag
Blauer’s Silent Partner Gear bag, Shown in the back-pack configuration.
With smartly designed multi-function pockets and a file folder for documents, you can be sure to carry what you need and specialize it to your assignment.  The large main storage area includes insulated food and beverage areas and can even hold a loaded duty belt.  Keep looking and you’ll notice another zipper that opens up to a laptop or tablet storage compartment.  On the lid of the bag you’ll also find a armor plate storage pocket that will hold two 10″ x 12″ rifle plates (or for me my traffic safety vest.)
BLAUER Silent Partner Bag with BLAUER GIN Bag
The side pockets of the Silent Partner Bag are flexible, allowing you to fit a myriad of items from ticket books to water bottles or an extra pistol.  I’m hoping that Blauer comes out with a 2.0 version of the bag and they stiffen up these divider panels.
If you’re worried about the headrest strap not holding the bag in place, you can also run your seatbelt through an opening on the bottom to help keep it where it belongs.
Looking at the backrest portion of the bag, you’ll find a hat hook (for you Troopers so you can still have arrest powers), a key clip, paperwork dividers with hook and loop closure tabs and zippered mesh pockets.  It also has a handcuff pocket, double pen pocket, and adjustable dividers to fit what you determine is needed.
BLAUER Silent Partner Bag with BLAUER GIN Bag
BLAUER Silent Partner
The bag is made of durable 840D Ballistic Nylon with a water repellent finish that is obvious to the owner that it is quality and well thought out.
BLAUER Silent Partner Bag with BLAUER GIN Bag
BLAUER Silent Partner Bag front
If you have to switch your gear from fleet vehicle to fleet vehicle or have the need to remove your gear from your vehicle frequently, this bag will work wonderfully for you.  Gear bags that I’ve owned in the past were often a little bigger than this one but I find it’s “just big enough,” and that I’ve gotten rid of some of the extra things that I really didn’t need and just tended to accumulate.
The overall dimensions of the Silent Partner Bag is 20″L x 14″W x 7.75″D.
If you purchase the Silent Partner Bag now, they are including a free “go bag” called the Blauer GIN Bag.  Even once the offer for the free GIN bag expires, you might want to consider adding it to the cart anyway.  It’s a smart little bag that fits right inside the Blauer Silent Partner Bag at the base compartment.  The GIN bag is a great starter bag for deploying with your rifle with extra magazines and IFAK etc.  Toss in an extra tourniquet, a protein bar, and whatever else you might need for when the poo hits the fan and you’ll be good to go. The GIN Bag is a “go bag” that has an easy to access top opening, internal MOLLE, rear belt securing straps, and a messenger style shoulder strap with detachable waist securing cross strap.
BLAUER Silent Partner Bag with BLAUER GIN Bag
You don’t have to be police officer to find this bag useful.  If you need a solid seat organizer that can quickly fold up/zip up to a backpack and go with you, you should consider the Blauer Silent Partner Bag and add the GIN bag to your cart while you’re at it.
The Silent Partner Bag MSRP’s at $149.99.  The GIN back is free for now but if you don’t buy it soon, it’s going to cost you $44.99.  Click here to buy the Blauer Silent Partner Bag now.