After the slight trouble I ran into with the Ten-Speed  mag pouches on the BELTminus, I went with a different design. However, I was quite impressed with both the strength and the lightweight nature of the Ten-Speed products. Feeling that they simply needed a firm platform, I placed them on my oldSpartan II armor carrier. These two pouch sets replaced a Condor Kangaroo triple mag pouch.


Testing proceeded slowly after that. Armor is hot and heavy, not something you want to be wearing when the temperature is in the 90s. I know, you’re saying “But that’s the same armor you wore in 120 degree heat in Basrah, Iraq.”

Yeah, and I absolutely despised it. I also sat on my laurels, mostly in an air-conditioned trailer while in Iraq.  But, I did need to test the Helium Whisper backing, and wasn’t about to wait until autumn to do so. So, on a scorching July day, I downed a liter and a half of water, donned the armor and walked out into the blazing heat. In order to destroy the Triple M4 mag pouch, I low-crawled across an asphalt parking lot. I fully expected the friction and grinding to tear the elastic to shreds.

While it did indeed tear at the pouch material, you can see that the pouches remain relatively intact. Most elastic products have “worms” that run horizontally through the inner workings of the fabric. The BFG elastic is military grade and the “worms” are reinforced inside the elastic for added durability. They run horizontally so that the elastic only stretches in one direction.

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