Any operator knows the phrase “ounces equal pounds”, and it doesn’t transfer anywhere more importantly than on the battlefield. After using issued Rhodesian gear from regiment I knew I wanted to find a better alternative. I quickly covered my kit in Blue Force Gear pouches from their admin pouch to the medium horizontal utility pouch and had great success with them overseas. The most versatile pouches they offer is their ten speed line. Effortless swapping mags and equipment for different weapon platforms is a piece of cake with these.
Blue Force Gear | Lightweight Pouches
As you can see, I can toss in a Glock 19, J-frame and tourniquet. This quick change ability removes the steps of swapping pouches/ holsters from the mix when in the ready room. I experience excellent weapon retention, obviously not positive “duty level” retention, however on target I never had an issue of anything falling out. I also admire how flat these pouches get when empty, this aids in going prone.
Blue Force Gear | Lightweight Pouches

The dump pouch stores really well when not in use inside its elastic holster and when deployed you have a large capacity ripstop nylon sack (about the size of a ½ gallon of milk). The dump pouch has a non-elastic drawstring to secure contacts when shut, which is hard to use when gloved. This pouch, when filled with contents, will be flimsy and smack you in the leg for the rest of that offset mission, I don’t recommend this unless you are really concerned with weight.

The admin pouch served me extremely well for what it’s designed for. What you are getting with this is the ability to store pens, paper and your favorite needle-d. The sides of the pouch are designed to fasten a tourniquet to, covered in the front with loop Velcro for your patches, and interior elastic to house a pocket knife or other small supplies. Hidden underneath the Velcro are slots brilliantly placed to slide in your pens; this can also be filled with several smaller chem lights, the large ones are just a tad too tight.

My medium horizontal utility pouch is a champ. This thing was always secretly filled with protein shakes and other goodies for those long nights. I could consistently fit about 2 bottles of water in it and if I was rocking an M-4 I would fit all my mags inside. Where this thing really shined was when I rocked the SAW. I would rest it on the pouch during all my walks and after a few deployments all I got was a little bit of fraying on stitch, still using it today.

Overall these pouches are revolutionary with their fast attachment, and quick adaptability to the always changing battlefield. Go check them out!

Author – William Hoyt is a former Army Ranger of 1/75. He is now pursuing his bachelors in psychology and coaching swimming.