If you’ve done any type of activity that involves using a lot of chemsticks you understand the pain of having to deal with them. Depending on mission set and how your unit works you can understand the pain of having to unwrap chemsticks, tape them (depending on how your unit works) and then bundle them and secure them to the belt. It takes time that could otherwise be spent doing other pre-mission prep. Further if with a big bundle hanging off your belt you’ve ever had one break you understand the pain of jacking up light discipline and being the cause of now having to keep all chemsticks in pockets. The Blue Force Gear Marking and Recognition Chemstick Organizer Dispenser (MARCO) solves all of these.

Blue Force Gear MARCO

The MARCO is a simple kydex shell that holds a magazine which contains 45 2 inch chemsticks. These mini 2 inch chemsticks put out the same amount of light as taped 4 or 6 inch chemsticks under night vision. I’ve spent about one month so far using the BFG MARCO and I’ve been very impressed. The carrier protects the chemsticks from being accidentally broken and I don’t have a giant bundle swinging off my belt. Activating the chemsticks is slightly faster that the traditional method but more importantly requires less effort. You simply slide the mini chemstick forward and flex it up on the lip of the magazine which cracks the chemstick and it begins to glow, once dropped to the floor it mixes sufficiently from the impact and you are good to go.

Blue Force Gear MARCO

The product reduced bulk on my belt and allows me to more efficiently employ chemlights during a variety of missions. Some concerns still lie in the 2 inch chemsticks and overall how they will do as far as being kicked, stepped on, etc. However so far I’ve been impressed with this slick and easy to use product. Depending on mission set and your budget I think that thus far this product is objectively superior in many ways.

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