The Micro Trauma Kit is a great kit that should be part of the basic equipment issued to all police officers and carried by those willing to act when duty calls. Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit isn’t the newest product offered by Blue Force Gear but it’s new to me.

Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit: Be Prepared for the Unexpected
Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit

The Micro Trauma Kit offers an advanced kit and a basic kit. Without the special training and skills, the advanced kit has items that wouldn’t be helpful to some.

SHOT Show 2018 for a newb can be a little overwhelming. Walking the isles, I came across Blue Force Gear with a presentation just starting by Travis Hall.

Travis grabs your attention with real world experience and knowledge in his craft of medical intervention with things hit the fan. Travis is a form Army 18 Delta Medic with many years served overseas.

The basic kit would be ideal for first responders as an IFAK (individual first aid kit) worn everyday on a duty belt, maybe best carried in the small of back duty belt area that often gets intentionally left empty. Carrying it here would allow either hand to access it, a buddy to access it to help you out, and maybe be a great way to provide some padded lumbar support for your lower back.

Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit: Be Prepared for the UnexpectedThe kit is slim and smart in design. Many well thought out components can be found inside the durable packaging with a user being able to set it up with bleeding response on one side and airway on the other.

The micro trauma kit does not come with a tourniquet but that is done intentionally. Travis explained, with his real-world experience, that the tourniquet is best left as a stand-alone item that can be found and retrieved quickly.

The kit comes in black, coyote brown, multi-cam, OD green, or wolf grey.Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit: Be Prepared for the Unexpected

You can purchase it as a carrier only for $68.00 or leave it to the professionals to outfit it with the basic contents for $129.00 or advanced for $200.00.

Maybe get the advanced and schedule yourself for some advanced medical training for when the time comes to act.

Overall, this product is something that works and is made to be carried unlike more advanced bags that get left behind and aren’t with you when you need it.

Add a second kit when you order and put it in on your personal back-pack and be ready to save the ones you love too.

Be prepared for the unexpected and have the right equipment in place for the emergency you trained for with the Micro Trauma Kit from Blue Force Gear.