If there is one thing common among all four branches of the military it is hydration. The military’s absurd love of hydration does make sense. Dehydrated people are more likely to become dead people. Getting hit by the enemy is a tragedy. Becoming hospitalized for not drinking water is negligence. This obsession with water drinking had led to some awesome pieces of gear. Hydration packs are great. That being said the majority of us probably prefer water bottles and canteens over a hydration pack for numerous reasons. A good water bottle pouch of some kind is a necessary evil.

Blue Force Gear Water Bottle Pouch | First Look
Blue Force Gear Water Bottle Pouch

Blue Force Gear has produced an entirely modern piece of gear to address the needs of thirsty war fighters. The water bottle pouch can fit a variety of containers. A small outlet in the bottom allows water and condensation to bleed out. Blue Force Gear makes the pouch from Ultracomp. Ultracomp is a strong, lightweight, water resistant material. Ultacomp is stronger than nylon, and derived from rubber based materials.

Blue Force Gear claims this water bottle pouch can fit a variety of different bottles. The pouch’s lid is easy to adjust for a variety of bottles. I haven’t tested this claim yet, but plan to. In addition to the ability to hold a water bottle, this pouch has small bits of MOLLE on the outside. This MOLLE will allow the mounting of small pieces of gear. With this in mind a pistol magazine pouch would be the perfect size for this. In this case that mag pouch would be perfect for a bottle of water purification drops.

Blue Force Gear Water Bottle Pouch | First Look
Always Ready

This water bottle pouch is a bit big. Mounting it to a plate carrier would take up a lot of space. My canteen pouches typically stay on my pack. The MOLLE attachment straps make this thing easy to mount anywhere. Definitely perfect for the EDC pack, or on a daypack for a short hike.