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Blue Force Gear brought a lot of cool stuff to SHOT Show 2017, and one of the products that caught our eye is the KLAUX Plate Carrier, the latest offering in the company’s line of PLATEminus plate carriers.

The KLAUX features a patent-pending quick attach buckle built directly into the front attachment points of the vest. This system allows the vest to immediately release can be shed when the user pulls the release cable, which is hidden underneath the chin protector.

According to the press release, the KLAUX Plate Carrier reduces reassembly time. Instead of spending up to half an hour on reassembly, which is fairly common these days, an end user can reassemble the KLAUX in as little as 30 seconds. That means this carrier is ideal for training where the user becomes familiar with the exact carrier they’ll use when they’re in the field.

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Photo courtesy of Blue Force Gear

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