Basic Loadout for a routine Recon mission:

Alice pack
M-16 with 16-18 mags, 18 rounds in each
Stevens 12 Gage 100 rounds of 00 buck in a claymore bag, and 5 rounds in the gun.
Note: I had my choice of weapon to carry, 95% of the time I went with the shotgun.
Colt 1911 with 4 extra mags
PRC-25 radio
10 x 50 Binoculars
Code book
Note book
2 grease pencils
2 Frags
2 Smoke
2-3 canteens of water
6 LRRP rations
Ground cloth (section of a parachute panel)
2-3 Morphine syrettes
Couple of field dressings
Extra socks
Iodine tabs
Bob Sampson
71st LRRP 67/68 RVN
M/Company 75th Ranger 69/70 RVN