Unfortunately, we’ve seen more loss of life due to mass attacks and school shootings than we care to talk about. The details are often blurry, but from what I’ve read and sifted through it appears that several of the shooters were wearing body armor of some type. When a bad guy starts shooting and they are wearing body armor, that makes the job of eliminating the threat that much tougher. Typically the only option here is a head shot. That is one of those tasks that is easier said than done. Unless you have been schooled on precision shooting and practice regularly, taking this shot would be extremely tough and dangerous. I say dangerous because you have the potential of missing and hitting an innocent by standard or hostage.

Here’s the thing. Whether you are law enforcement or civilian concealed carry you need to be comfortable taking shots out to 25 yards (headshots) with your pistol. In a pistol course I attended, we focused heavily on becoming accurate at 25 yards and then walked back to 50 to prove the accuracy of handguns in the hands of a proficient shooter. The class was a mix of civilians, veterans, and current law enforcement. The target below is showing high ‘A zone’ hits from 15 yards with my pistol. Your grouping will open up a bit at 25 yards, so it’s important to train, know your weapon, and know your ammunition.

Body Armor and Head Shots

I commend our men and women in blue for protecting and shielding the very people that protest them. This goes to show you the commitment they have for protecting and serving the public, despite what mainstream media is reporting.

Here is an interesting article I found on statistics of cop shootings. Some actual numbers for you guys getting swayed by the media manipulating the numbers. Check it. There is no significant increase in the number of white on black police shootings, only an increase in media hype. Watch the numbers, think for yourself.



*featured image courtesy of abc7.com