Böker is expanding their lineup of modern-style traditional knives with the Raphael Durand-designed Slack. Inspired by jack knives from the 19th century but rendered in modern materials, the Slack is poised to add a modern traditional offering to Böker’s gigantic lineup.

Durand says the Slack was inspired by single blade folding knives found in Europe over 200 years ago. “We find many folders like this in the 19th century, mostly in England, Germany , and France, and later through manufacturers like Case or Remington in the US.” Commonly called ‘jack knives,’ these folders incorporated a medium-length blade into a streamlined, lightweight handle. The Slack translates this efficient design with a 3.23” blade and a weight of 2.33 oz.

These old jack knives were made of carbon steel, pinned together, with scales of bone or wood that were prone to cracking and shrinkage. The Slack comes to market with VG-10 stainless steel, Torx hardware for disassembly and maintenance, and a G-10 construction. “[It] has the advantages of materials known to be tough and lasting,” Durand tells us.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News