Böker keeps up a steady stream of releases throughout the year, and the company put its latest releases on display at Blade Show. Standouts were a new collaboration with custom maker Jason B. Stout, and a special limited edition of a tried and true model that honors the knife company’s historic past.

The Lateralus is based off a Stout custom design and shares the original’s industrial style. This knife has a large 3.5-inch D2 blade that flips out on a ball bearing pivot. Milling on the show side scale and an unmistakable profile give the knife a one-of-a-kind look. The handle widens towards the butt of the knife and should make for a comfortable albeit unconventional, ergonomic design. You can pick up a Lateralus with either a stainless steel or a G-10 show side scale. Both versions will come in under $100.

Böker Mixes Modern With Traditional at Blade Show 2017

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