After a jubilant reception in Europe, Böker is bringing the Piranha EDC fixed blade stateside. Modeled after a custom knife made by Scott McGhee of Guinea Hog Forge, this production version is part of the Böker Plus line, and with an MSRP of $67.95 it’s an affordable option that should tempt any fan of fixed blades.

McGhee created the Piranha because folding knives weren’t tough enough for him. “Every folder I’ve ever got, I’ve broken – and I don’t think I’m abusive to them or anything,” he says.

The Piranha boasts a striking 2.9” clip point blade designed to be useful in as many cutting chores as possible. As an EDC-able fixed blade, it can handle detail work, slicing, general utility and food prep. With a fairly thick (.15”) blade stock, it can also flex into heavy duty tasks. When he created the original Piranha prototype, McGhee put it through its paces, cleaning a 300-lb. hog before he made it part of his lineup. The wideness of the 440C blade leaves room for an ample, flat belly, but with a fortified and pronounced tip, the knife pierces without resistance.

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