Böker, Pro-Tech, and Lucas Burnley surprised dealers at SHOT Show 2018 by teaming up to produce the new Kwaiken Auto. This co-branded release hits a premium price point and marks the first US-made production Kwaiken model to date.

Burnley’s Kwaiken design is his most popular custom knife, and it became a smash hit when Böker first picked up the model several years ago. They’ve released the Kwaiken in many different forms, including a compact model and a fixed blade, but never an auto until now. “That feels like a big milestone for me and the Kwaiken,” Burnley tells us.

Collaborations between a custom maker and a production company are nothing new, but it’s unusual to see two companies joining forces. Burnley tells us the partnership materialized because it made sense on multiple levels. By making the knife domestically, Böker avoids US customs restrictions on switchblade imports. Pro-Tech also has a well-earned reputation for quality and a deep expertise in this field. “I’m honored that two companies that I hold in high regard decided to collaborate for the first time on a product of my design,” Burnley says. “There were a lot of little details I was worried about. But Pro-Tech nailed it.”

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