Böker is outfitting the Chicken Hawk ax with a new steel, powder-coated SK5. The new iteration replaces the two existing models, and the switch to a simple, sturdy carbon steel option should imbue the Chicken Hawk with more horsepower in the high-impact, hard-use tasks this tactical ax was made for.

When Böker first released the Chicken Hawk earlier this year, it debuted in both 440C and D2 steel – two regulars in the Böker Plus lineup. They tell us the SK5 Chicken Hawk replaces, not supplements, the previous models. According to the company, no complaints or issues with the prior offerings necessitated the change. ” It is such a better look now and I really like the finished product,” says Böker’s Tony Aliffi.

SK5 may seem less glamorous than D2 or 440C, but according to one expert that simplicity actually brings advantages. “If I needed an ax, I’d go with SK5,” says Gator, Proprietor of ZKnives.com. Established in 2005, the ZKnives database contains over 6000 different steel properties and cross-references. Gator says SK5 excels in two key areas for axes compared to D2 or 440C. “As far as impact resistance and toughness go, SK5 will be the best of those.” Tasks like breaching and chopping rely on a steel’s ability to hold up to shock and stress, and SK5 caters to these needs.

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Photo courtesy of Knife News