New calls to “do something” are coming every day as the left exploits the victims of violence to support their agenda of civilian disarmament. Many states have enacted unconstitutional legislation to restrict ownership of common semi-automatic rifles and others are drafting new laws. The Bolt Blocker offers a 50 state legal conversion to turn your Modern Sporting Rifle into a single-action non-semiautomatic rifle.

I have handled the prototype of the Bolt Blocker. It works as advertised and is well made. I prefer it to other devices which radically modify the way your MSR works. Easy on and easy off, you can still shoot a legal single action rifle and convert back to constitution mode where ever it is legal. You can keep all of your accessories and furniture attached to the firearm with no no need for a pinned stock. bullet button, special muzzle brake, etc.

The Bolt Blocker replaces the bolt catch on AR-15 type modern sporting rifles. It keeps the firearm from chambering a new round after the pull of the trigger until the Bolt Blocker is activated by the user. When you enter a free state, you can re-activate your rights by re-installing the original bolt catch.

Watch the video HERE

How is this legal? The concept is based on the legal definition of “Semi-Auto Rifle” To ban a gun, laws must define exactly what is banned. State laws describe the operating mode as the use of the energy of the explosive in a fixed cartridge to extract a fired cartridge and chamber a fresh cartridge with each single pull of the trigger.

The Bolt Blocker requires a separate manipulation for each shot turn your MSR into an unrestricted single-action rifle by changing the way your gun operates. It conforms with the law in all 50 states.

You can get your very own Bolt Blocker HERE. Only $59.95 plus tax


The folks at Bolt Blocker believe in the Second Amendment. If you don’t believe that you should have to register your rifle as a so-called “assault weapon”,  just install their product. It then becomes a “single-action” firearm that does not fall under the so-called assault weapon laws.