Safety On, 10 Little Liberals, and The ABC’s of Guns are the answer to a problem I didn’t fully realize I had.

10 Little Liberals by Yehuda Remer

Safety On by Yehuda Remer

Love the 2nd Amendment?  Want to teach your children firearms safety at a young age? Love shooting?  Love starting up fun conversations with your non 2nd Amendment supporting friends?  If you said yes to any of these questions, you need these books on your coffee table or accidentally left behind at your doctor’s office.

In all seriousness, these books are a wonderful way to introduce firearms safety to young and old alike.  For about $12.00 each on Amazon, you should get these books.

Safety On by Yehuda Remer a coloring book

Yehuda Remer is on to something with these books.  Hop on line and buy the paperback versions of these books.  Get the 10 Little Liberals for your coffee table and The ABC’s of Guns for your kids or your family members kids.  They are a great way to introduce the application of safety to firearms.

The ABC’s Of Guns by Yehuda Remer

Do some real good and pick up a copy of The ABC’s of Guns for your local news media while you’re at it and maybe they’ll start understanding the difference between a clip and a magazine or that assault is actually a verb – not a gun.