I’ve tried all the usual suspects: Skullcandy (nice brand but crappy), Sony, JVC, Apple, Beats, etc. I’ve lost more headphones than I have socks, and I’ve probably spent over a thousand dollars this year replacing them. I travel a ton and have found that the Bose Sound True headphone is the best by far for the money.

The sound is amazing, comfort is great, and it works with mobile phones – a must these days! This is the only pair I’ve owned (and I’ve owned several) that my girlfriend’s rip off when they depart the active runway, so apparently they agree with my assessment.

Bose also makes a noise canceling headphone in this same model but the noise canceling box is too big for me, the sound is amazing but it’s like strapping a jet engine to a skateboard – just too much. When they make one the size of the current microphone on the model I use that’s when I’ll convert.

So there you have it folks, learn from many mistakes and buy Bose for the best mini headphone system out there.

You can buy them directly on the Bose website

*Featured Image courtesy of Bose