Outdoor Edge is growing their tactical knife offerings with the Para-Claw, a small karambit blade concealed in a paracord bracelet. The Para-Claw was designed in conjunction with a professional bounty hunter as a concealable and lightweight backup knife.

Outdoor Edge President David Bloch says the origin of the Para-Claw was a homemade tool carried by bounty hunter Fugi Escobido. “His brainchild was to take a small claw knife with a sheath, and tie a paracord bracelet to it so he could wear it on his wrist as an EDC defense blade,” Bloch explains.

Bloch and his team pursued the Para-Claw concept after hearing the story about how the jury-rigged original ended up saving its inventor. While trying to apprehend a fugitive, the suspect made a grab for Escobido’s sidearm. In the close proximity struggle, the veteran bounty hunter managed to deploy his makeshift Para-Claw and slice the top of the fugitive’s hand. This gave him a window to control the injured fugitive before the situation escalated further.

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