Bradford Knives is expanding their Guardian 3 lineup with the Guardian 3 Sheepsfoot (G3S). The latest version of the popular fixed blade is optimized for EDC with a new blade shape and a redesigned finger choil.

The G3S’ 3-inch modified sheepsfoot blade is made of M390 and configured for efficient cutting. “With the sheepsfoot you keep the general edge shape of the G3 but get more rigidity and slicing performance,” says Brad Larkin, owner of Bradford Knives. The G3S features a full-height flat grind, which was only available in limited runs on the original G3. “With that full-height grind you get a truly superior slicing geometry.”

Instead of a finger choil terminating at the start of the edge, the G3S has a dedicated guard that backs users’ index finger away from the blade. The finger choil itself is also larger. Larkin says these adjustments follow requests from customers. “We took to heart some feedback and decided to create a design with a guard and larger choil to give more room for handling the knife.”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News