I thought I knew Bogs; they’re those tall rubber boots with the hand-grabs at the top to pull ’em on. Farmers wear them. And fisherman. And they come in fun colors and patterns to wear in the garden. So, when Erik began sporting the Johnny Chukka II’s in the fall, I was surprised to see the Bogs logo.  Turns out, Bogs, like the Auburn Slip-on, clean up quite nicely.

Bogs’ Auburn Slip On is touted as “an urban boot that’s not afraid of a little rain”. This stylish mid-calf ladies leather boot falls into the Chelsea boot category. Never heard of it? Me either. Just ask your teen-aged kid. Or the Beetles. Or Queen Victoria. Say what??

Yes, these laceless, close-fitting, ankle boots with elastic sides and a small heel were originally designed and patented by J. Sparkes-Hall, a shoemaker for Queen Victoria. Hence, the Chelsea boot is a comeback kid, just like the <loved/hated> bell-bottoms.  With fashion moguls claiming the Chelsea boot a staple for every wardrobe, for both men & women alike, maybe they are worth the hype. Let’s see what’s most noteworthy:

Bogs Auburn Slip On details courtesy of bogs footwear.com:

  • Crafted with seam sealed, waterproof full grain leather
  • Rebound technology in outsole provides lasting comfort
  • Lined with DuraFresh bio-technology that activates to fight odors
  • Slip-resistant outsole with 1 1/8″ heel
  • Bogs Max-Wick moves sweat away from your foot to keep you dry
  • Soft leather footbed with dual density EVA and gel cushioning
  • MSRP $140 (Sale) $109.97

Bogs Auburn Slip On

I’m all about wearing current styles, but they absolutely must also be comfortable and durable. And, I’ve learned over the years, the ultimate test of footwear is a multi-day Christmas shopping spree. To explain the depth and breadth of my test for these boots and ultimately my high praise for their value, you’ll need the back-story.

The Test: A Mother-Daughter Christmas Shopping Weekend.

First of all, this is no ordinary shopping trip; this is thee pinnacle marathon that proves your womanhood in my family. Originating with my mom & aunt four decades ago, my cousin and I were finally invited to participate once we reached the age of reason (40!) with the expectation to go-the-distance. It’s an intense weekend of wishlists and coupons, bargain-hunting and gifting inspiration, and miles of walking… Therefore, it requires pure stamina.

Bogs Auburn Slip On
Pairs well with the 5.11 Wyldcat Pant

Here’s a snapshot of how the boots fared on their first day:

6am: Up at the crack of dawn & don our shopping clothes. I slip into the Bog’s Auburn boots and immediately receive a compliment from my cousin. Bonus!

Pro Tip: Wear a puffy vest. It will keep you warm enough for dashing between stores, but cool enough to be comfortable indoors.

10am: It’s mid-morning and we’ve already finished at the big-box stores that open early. No signs of blisters or pinching. The fit is true-to-size with ample room in the toe bed. So far, so good…

12pm: Quick lunch break after a swing through the mall. Tracking wet feet onto tiled floors, the boots are sure-footed with no slipping. As Grandpa used to say, “stay on your feet, I’ve got money on ya!”

Pro Tip: When shopping with a group, tie your favorite colored ribbon onto each bag at check-out. At the end of the day with the trunk filled with bags, you can easily tell which bags are yours.

3pm: Onto the Outlet Mall. With plenty of hops between stores and through the elements of early-winter in Michigan, my boots and I are slushy wet. However, my socks and feet are dry. Happy feet.

7pm: A small reprieve at dinner, we’ve been on our feet for over 12 hours. I have a desk-job, so this is certainly a change for me. But surprisingly, my feet feel pretty darn good.

11pm: I kid you not, it is 11pm and we are finally heading back to the hotel. I swear, my mom & aunt would have kept shopping at those 24 hour marts if my cousin & I didn’t beg for mercy! With trepidation, I pull my feet out of the Bogs Auburn Slip On expecting some serious foot funk! Can you imagine the sweat that must be going on inside these leather boots that have undergone several series of soaking & drying over the past 15 hours???  Nope. I can’t believe it, but they didn’t smell. Bravo!

Bogs Bozeman Tall | Rubber rain boot redefined

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Pro Tip: Wrap your gifts at the hotel. This ensures they are hidden from prying eyes at home, plus gets you one step closer to Christmas gifting success.

Bogs Auburn Slip On
Still smiling after a marathon shopping trip. Is that a Yeti Hopper Flip 12 in there?

The Results: An invitation to Day Two and Beyond

If that’s not proof enough, we woke up the next morning for another day of work and I slipped back into the Bogs! Therefore, my conclusion: I’m a fan. These Chelsea boots are the real deal. Queen Victoria must’ve had a high standard of form AND function. If you’re seeking an all-around boot to pair with skinny jeans, a sassy skirt, or a pair of 5.11 Wyldcat Pants, the Auburn Slip On from Bogs is my (humble) recommendation.

Side note: I’m really not a fashionista and I needed to seek advice from younger friends to get comfortable with this look. Thankfully, there also plenty of advice online for rocking this style 😉

Written by Brandie Meisner (wife of author Erik Meisner)