It’s been ages since I’ve been in the LOR to write a review however, I felt compelled after receiving my new city bike.I was in New York and talking with friends about needing a bike for the city during a cocktail event. Fortunately I was in ear shot of Ryan Zagata, the founder of Brooklyn Bicycle company. We quickly started talking bikes, and when I expressed my desire for a minimalist street machine, he replied “You have to check out our new single speed Wythe, that’s your bike”. He was true to his word.

A few weeks later I got a call from Ryan saying that my bike was ready for pick up and the next day I arrived at 76 Franklin street, home of Silk Road Cycles.

Silk road dialed me in with some personal and recommended Brooklyn style touches. I added a custom seat lock (if you don’t lock it down it’s gone in NYC!), helmet, they stripped the reflectors off for me, custom front wheel bolts, and finally added a bad ass Abus frame mounted lock to protect my investment. Too many times I’ve seen the skeleton frames hanging from the street signs of NYC, not this guy…

Here’s my thoughts since having a chance to put some miles on the bike. All my riding has been in the heart of Manhattan, usually back and forth from my usual place of worship, the New York Athletic Club (NYAC). You want an elevated heart rate? Ride a bike in New York City!


Review summary

First, I highly recommend anything by this company. My daughter has one of their bikes, and her brothers keep hounding me to trade in their old bikes for one of Brooklyn Bicycles street machines. I have a feeling I’m getting two more real soon.

I like the aesthetic of the bike, the same style Apple brought to computing we’re finally getting in the world of urban street bikes. Before I could even ride the bike I was getting compliments on what a sharp looking bike it was.


The frame is sturdy and light, and nimble through traffic, and the tires it comes with are NYC street ready. For the uninitiated, riding a bike in NYC is no laughing matter. You better have a solid machine, head on a swivel, and your act together! A blown out tire means you are potential shark chum for the aggressive cab drivers in the city.

Lastly, comfort is also a big factor in a bike for me. The Wythe is not only good to look at, it’s a pleasure to ride.


I would highly recommend this single speed to anyone living in an urban city. Also, you have to check out their website, they have some incredibly stylish models for the wife or girlfriend.

Check out all of Brooklyn Bicycle Co. here.

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