PhotoBrandon is top row second from the left next to Navy SEAL Astronaut Chris Cassidy and Navy SEAL Heath Robinson below.

  • London Bridge Rhodesian Chest Rig. The linked version is slightly different from my original.
  • Desert Cammies (customized by me)
  • North Face Vest (Now I rock a Massif shell and layering system)
  • M-4 stripped down
    • Aimpoint (not a fan of this anymore, I prefer EOTECH now) zeroed for 200m
    • Back up iron sight
    • Surefire hand grip light with low power LED thumb light switch (great for ship boardings. The LED helps you see without giving off a light AD, giving away your position)
  • HK USP Compact .45 (Big Brother is in the video below)

  • Standard Issue Flight Gloves
  • Zamberlan Mountain Boots
  • Wool Socks
  • ECHO Platoon Embrace The Hate Patch. Original Design by me. Original patch design soon to be available in TLOR store.
  • Rolex Submariner (Now I rock my RESCO Patriot and soon my RESCO Red Circle Series)

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