I am constantly looking for a new and better holster. I have several boxes full of holsters for different guns and uses. On most days while not at work I can be found wearing a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt. I have several kydex holsters that allow me to comfortably carry a small handgun such as a Glock 42. However, if I want to carry an extra mag and/or flashlight the flimsy pockets of my gym shorts quickly became full. Thankfully I can comfortably carry all the equipment I want thanks the Brave Response Shooting and their Brave Response Holster.

Brave Response Holster: The most comfortable, highest capacity Concealed Weapons Holster in the world

The Brave Response Holster is a belly band type holster that can accommodate virtually all major semiautomatic pistols as well as many revolvers and up to 3 extra magazines or a combination of magazines, knives, and flashlights. The holster is made from heavy-duty “SkarkSkin” that has a very sturdy feel. The holster is lined with cotton poly next to your skin, giving it a nice feel while you wear it. There is a fully adjustable and removeable nylon thumb break to keep your firearm secure.

There is a 2 inch wide velcro belt to secure the holster around your waist. The velco on the waist belt is no snag velro, which has a very good and unique feel so there is no discomfort at all when against your skin and it will not ruin your clothes either by tearing at the fabric. The waist belt is extremely adjustable fitting a waist as small as 20 inches to as large as 55 inches. 

The excess belt material can either be tucked out-of-the-way or simply cut away before burning the end to prevent fraying.

Brave Response Holster: The most comfortable, highest capacity Concealed Weapons Holster in the world

 Whether you dress casual and are looking for a good holster option or you tend to dress up a bit more this holster has you covered. Its comfortable, built tough and keeps essential items easily accessible.

Check it out at www.brshooting.com


Author – Cameron Paidousis is a former Police Officer and is a current member in the Air National Guard where he serves in Security Forces. For his civilian job he works as security contractor for the U.S. Government. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family along with kayaking, hiking, and traveling.