Modularity has really snuck into the holster market. From Alien Gear, Clinger Holsters, and Bravo Concealment have all taken the idea of modularity and applied it to holsters. The Bravo Concealment Adaptive holster system is a bit different by offering a light gearing option and being made entirely from kydex. This is a very modern holster than blends the best aspects of a duty grade holster with a concealed carry holster. The holster earns the adaptive name by allowing the end user to quickly swap the holster from an OWB to an IWB configuration. For this review, I did the run the holster exclusively OWB.

And Run it I did! This was the system I used to replicate the Yo Homie scene from Collateral. This meant well over a hundred repetitions dry and dozens with live ammo. It’s also rotated into my carry rotation for those days I can carry a full sized, TLR 1 and red dot equipped Glock 17.

Carry and Comfort

Concealed carrying a full sized gun is difficult, add a TLR 1 and a red dot and things get even more challenging. The Bravo Concealment Adaptive holster is quite supportive of all that extra weight and the design of the holster has it clinging to your body. By clinging I mean sticking close and this makes it easy to conceal. It’s Summer in Florida if you think I’m wearing anything more than a T-shirt you are mistaken.

The right belt helps of course, but the BCA holster keeps me from printing at an obnoxious rate. I like my full sized guns and I love OWB carry, so it can be a challenge to mix the two in a concealed manner, but the Bravo Concealment Adaptive holster does it well. Retention was never an issue either. The gun clicks in the holster and lets you know its ready to rock and roll.

The holster has a trimmed look and I realized all the hard edges had been rounded and this keeps the holster from ever digging into your body and causing pain. It’s a nice little touch I appreciated, and would certainly appreciate even more in an IWB configuration.

You can also move the belt loops up and down to change the ride height of the holster. You can also create cant if you prefer it. Remember this is summer in Florida, and heat is a major issue so the added sweat guard is a welcome addition.

On the Range with the Bravo Concealment Adaptive

Outside of my Yo Homie drill, the BCA Has also lent me some help in reviewing optics, ammo, and magazines. Even though the holster keeps tight to the body it’s never hard to draw. The gun is just far enough from my body for me to get my thumb around the grip before I draw. The holster lets the gun go without a fight and gives you that positive click.

After hundreds of draws I’ve become quite used to that cluck or click or whatever you want to call it. It’s staid the same, and so did the retention. It held tight and never loosened with use. The passive retention is perfect for concealed carry and delivers a clean and consistent draw.

Self Defense: Is It Wrong if It’s Illegal?

Each Bravo Concealment Adaptive holster is fitted to each gun individually. This helps with both retention and ensuring a solid draw. It also reduces bulk and allows the holster to be as small as possible. The holster already comes threaded barrel ready so you suppressor wielding fellas are covered. The holster’s cut is also low enough to accommodate a red dot sight, so you modern gunslingers are also covered.

The Bravo Concealment Mag Pouch

Bravo Concealment offers a package deal with the BCA holster to include a mag pouch at significant savings to you. The single mag pouch is cut the exact same way the Bravo Concealment Adaptive holster is. All the edges are rounded, and its comfortable to carry.

This mag pouch is well made and can hold a standard 17 round Glock magazine. The mag pouch didn’t really have any issues holding a 31 round ETS magazine if you feel froggy. In my concealed carry testing I never lost a mag or had it simply fall out regardless of how I moved throughout the day. When it came time to work reload drills the mag came out with a good tug, but nothing extreme. It kept my mag changes running smooth and my gun topped off for any foe.