So me and the guys have hand-picked some of the best experts on guns and gear to give us a hand in The Loadout Room.   The problem is that most of these guys have sensitive jobs (some are active duty or work closely within industry), so we decided to give them call signs and keep it anonymous.  Bill, Jack and I each picked two experts a piece and they represent us by proxy.

  • Bravo 1&2– represent Brandon
  • Mike 1&2-Jack Murphy
  • Juliet 1&2-Bill Janson

Please allow me to introduce Bravo One….

Let me begin my series of articles here by introducing myself briefly to you all.  I will be writing here as ‘Bravo One’ and bringing you a wealth of firearms knowledge straight from the lips of a certified Naval Special Warfare Armorer.  I will remain anonymous, but don’t think for one second that I won’t be listening.  I intend to bring you guys the low-down on what we are doing in the Armed Forces and dispelling some mythos spread by erroneous Wikipedia entries.  I’m here to bring it to you straight.  You guys can ask me anything and I’ll do my best to give you solid answers.  If there is a weapon you guys are interested in, let me know.

What makes me qualified?  I’ve spent the last 11 years in the Navy, and in that time I’ve worked with Naval Special Warfare teams, I’ve kicked it on the ground with Army SF and Rangers, and I’m still serving today.  I’ve handled millions of rounds of ammunition, yes, you read right, millions, and I’m like you, I like guns….and more guns. I’ve seen SOF weapons under the harshest conditions, both real-world and training, and seen them at the breaking point and beyond into catastrophic failure.  I know how to make these weapons sing.  I don’t just do armory work, I’m also out front in operations and training my guys to put bullets into flesh. I have a passion for firearms, and I’ve got a passion for seeing people ‘get it right’.

I will cover everything from assault rifles to rockets, pistols to machine guns and whatever else you want from me.  Stay tuned and we will kick it off….

Bravo One, Out.