The Sierra Block 1 by Bravo Worldwide is a medium-sized pack designed for the camper, hiker, and adventurer in all of us. The Sierra Block 1 is the perfect size for an individual 3-day bag. Now, unlike a lot of bags, this ruck isn’t just a pack to shove stuff in. It seems well thought out, and well constructed. The bag is divided into quite a few different pockets to compartmentalize your goods and make them easy to access.

Bravo Sierra Block 1 | First Look

Sierra Block 1 – The Modern Ruck

Back in the day when I was humping and pumping across Camp Lejeune, I didn’t mind stuffing a ruck full of gear. These days, even when camping, I carry a variety of goods and gadgets. As a writer, one of my constant companions is my laptop. The Sierra Block 1 provides a pouch large enough for a 15-inch laptop, and the pocket protects your laptop well.

Bravo Sierra Block 1 | First Look
Laptop pocket

Features to Spare

The main pouch can be accessed from the top, but more conveniently a zipper down the side makes it easy to full open and remove what’s needed at that time. The main flap is outfitted with two small mesh pockets for the absolute necessities. In the main pouch, there is also two elastic pouches that easily fit an AR 15 magazine, just saying. I mean a small tablet or big cell phone will fit too, but you know.

Bravo Sierra Block 1 | First Look
The Elastic Pockets

The main top pouch has a small pouch for little goodies, there is a secret security pouch on the back of the pack, under the lowest level of padding. It’s convenient and would allow you to store money, your ID, or other important documents. There is probably a pouch or two I’m missing since I keep discovering more and more about this pack.


The overall quality of the pack is top-notch. The seams are invisible, and the pack itself is deceptively lightweight. Time and effort seems to have been put into the pack’s construction and its overall design. The Sierra Block 1 is primarily made from 840 denier Nylon with Oxford nylon internals and uses their Duratuff compound material. The packs the packs seemed designed to do work, and with work, it will do.

Bravo Sierra Block 1 | First Look

One last word the unique pattern is called their War Rug pattern. The Sierra Block 1 is one of two bags with this pattern. You have to look close to appreciate the hidden grenades and AK 47s. It’s pretty groovy, and a nice departure from the standard Coyote and Multicam everything.

Bravo Sierra Block 1 | First Look
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There is more to the Sierra Block 1 than meets the eye and I’m excited to really take this pack out on some minor adventuring.