Spyderco has just released its 2018 Product Guide. The Golden, CO manufacturer delivered a 184 page catalog that contains 11 never before seen knives poised to arrive in 2018.

The new lineup shows more restraint than last year’s major overhaul, but changes and additions are on point. A dozen new Sprint Run models will showcase a rare Japanese steel and revive favorite designs from the Spyderco history books. The company also added to its stable of innovative locking mechanisms, pairing the new Stop Lock with another unconventional Paul Alexander design.

Designer Paul Alexander sees his third Spyderco collaboration in as many years. 2016 and ’17 witnessed the debut of his Ouroboros and Sliverax designs, and in 2018 the quirky Parata is en route. It also marks the debut of Spyderco’s patented Stop Lock in a production knife. Long-rumored in the forums, the Stop Lock rides on the spine of the knife like a Compression Lock, but works by pushing a spring-loaded toggle forward or back. The ambidextrous Stop Lock mechanism doubles as the stop pin, reducing the stress-bearing parts count of the knife.

Lil’ Native Back Lock
Last month the Compression Lock Lil’ Native became the latest addition to Spyderco’s USA-made lineup. Now we know it will be joined by a traditional back lock variant. In addition to the mechanism switch-up, the Back Lock Lil’ Native swaps the deep carry wire clip for a four-way positionable spoon clip.

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